Do you know the Power of Vision?



We all have a Vision inside I am not talking about is wishing to win the lottery.wishing for the lottery to come out is a struggle to get out of the current problem,but a vision or dream that is flourishing in your heart we are created to work,it stems from our unique gifts and abilities.if we focus on kannada vision it will start us on the journey of success. Henry Ford is one of the most successful visionaries.Henry Ford said “success is what we are created to do or knowing and implementing our destiny”.Ford’s vision developed from his passion for making different machines.his childhood He learned about steam engines and clocks on his own.He went to the countryside,repairing various machines for people without any payment.

Thushe eventually became a mechanic He worked as a night engineer at the Edison Company, in Detroit.Eventually, his passion for making motorized machines developed in him, and he turned his heart entirely to it.Thus in 1886 the machine he made his first one in a hut in the back of his house.then he made his work even better.and then he wanted to make his work even better,so he started researching the machines that other people made.
As we can see from the above story, Ford’s vision stemmed from his love for repairing machines, and flourished.

Vision is useful for many things:

vision shows us the direction of our lives
Vision develops our abilities
Vision helps us to make wise choices in life
Vision makes us give space to our work
Visions show us what our future lives will look like.

Steps to develop your vision used the following strategies to develop my vision and on the other hand to make it a reality:

1, I’m thinking
vision begins with the beginning of creation in our minds.
2 , I start taking steps to implement my vision
3, I have received my vision
4 , I taught my vision to the people of Iroo
The ability to succeed is in all of us

The key to success is to identify our vision and stick to our vision and continuously grow and work.

I have learned a lot about the benefits of vision in my life.because vision is a very important thing in leadership.

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