When journey our employees heard about the company’s plans to move injoh to Atlanta,we didn’t know what to say.We told them that moving to Atlanta would completely change their lives.  Ironically, 90% of our employees told us they were interested in going to Atlanta.

So I raised it,and we started thinking deeply.These employees have family and friends in San Diego.  Their lives have adapted to the city of Sadio.

So how could they be willing to move to Atlanta as easily?After thinking deeply about answering this question,I huaed that our company employees decided to move to Atlanta for four reasons:

1.Because we told them exactly where they were going:

, Dick and the representatives of both real estate companies, told the staff exactly what our future looked like in a mall in Atlanta.  We convinced our employees that Atlanta is a good choice for our company and their lives to further improve their lives.

This will benefit them personally and our company  understood that it made them,and they became interested in going to Atlanta.

2. Because We Answered All Their Questions:

Starting a journey from a new path is scary and raises many questions. So our employees in Atlanta asked us where we were going to open an office, about schools in Atlanta, about housing prices, about the culture and social life of the people of Atlanta, tax issues and things like that, and we asked for tax questions  they asked us similar things.We answered all the isdan questions adequately

3. They realized that they had achieved success in their personal lives

the company succeeds and our employees succeed.  They realized that as much as they were responsible for the success of the company, they also had the opportunity to taste the fruits of this success.

4.Because the company wanted change,

wanted to change their lives with the company:two weeks before we informed the employees that we wanted to move our company to Atlanta, our employee Pete Knoll said I love serving Injoy  I heard her say she never thinks about working.this employee doesn’t want to quit her job and changing other people’s lives is her first choice in life.you are not going to atlanta.

Anyone Can Achieve Success(JOURNEY)

In this book I want to teach you what success is and how to continuously gjd your life.I will answer all the questions you have about success,and equip you with the ability to continuously change your life and move towards growth. 

Once you get on the path of success,you will realize that success belongs to everyone when you start the journey.  A maid, a student, a teacher, a parish priest, a sheikh or a factory worker and anyone at any level can achieve success


The biggest problem many people who want to succeed have is not that they lack the skills to succeed.  Their biggest problem is that they misunderstand success.  Maltibai D. Babcock said that our biggest mistake is thinking that we need to have special skills to achieve success.

  What is success?  What does success look like?  Deeboi is the answer many people give to this question.  The question of success is the model?

  Many people give the following answers:

Making a lot of money like Bill Gates

Like Albert Einstein, having extraordinary talent

Like Mahikal Jordan having high athletic ability

Having business skills like Donald Trump

Be as respectful and confident as Jackie Kennedy

Having the imagination of the Disney community

Having the idea of ​​Mazar Teresa.

Many of us think that success is reaching the level that people who von success reach.However, neither you nor I can be like other people.  It is better not to work than to be like other people. If you want to be one of the people listed above, you cannot succeed. 

If you want to be like other people,you will miss out on the level you should have reached for the personal ability to doom Offi Damoz.  Like peopletrying to be other will ruin your life but singing success.


Even after you realize that success doesn’t mean being like other people,you may have the wrong view of success.  Many people misunderstand success.  They think that success is about reaching a certain level,getting something they wantjj or achieving their goals.

The following illustrate the misconceptions people have about success:


The biggest mistake people often make is to think that success is about acquiring a lot of wealth.  If people make a lot of money, they consider themselves successful.  But having a lot of wealth does not bring true success.  The famous industrialist John D. Rockford made three hundred million to fifty million dollars in his lifetime. 

One of the rich people, Bashaduutute, was asked how much money he would be happy to make and he said he would be fine with a little more from what he has.  King Solomon of ancient Israel said that a person who loves money will not get enough money. 

Money and the things that money brings can disappear suddenly for example in 1923 the world famous rich people were sitting in the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.  These men had reached the highest levels of wealth and power.  The money they had at the time,was more than the money the United States had at the time.

Below is a list of who these people are and what their lives ended up being:

Charles Schwab, president of the famous steel company, died at a loss

Arzar died before he could pay off his debt

Richard Whitney died erva released from sin sing prison

B. thinking that money is the source of happiness

Many people view making a lot of money as the pinnacle of success.  They think that they will find endless happiness in making money, but this is a misconception.  Let’s take Donald Trump, a famous real estate founder, for example.Donald Trump, your success is measured by your happiness.  I have friends who don’t have much money like me.But these Nur friends are just me.

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